International Education: Is Free Postgraduate Education in Europe still possible?

Have you ever known that postgraduate education is free in some European countries? Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Czech Republic provide high education for free, in case to study in non-private university.

In Germany, foreign students should not pay for education. They were required to pass the fluency test in German. However part of the students, who came to Germany, wanted to get permanent residency in EU and not the international education. Part of provinces in Germany implemented tuition fees from 2005. However, the sums cannot be compared to the tuition fees, which are paid in North America.

In Austria, the tuition fees of 700 Euro/term were implemented only few years ago. In Swiss only citizens have right for free postsecondary education. International students still should pay 300-500 Euros per term. It is not so much; however, people who come to Swiss to obtain international education should remember that Swiss is one of the most expansive countries in Europe. In spite that fact, about 40% of students in Swiss are international students.
In Norway, Sweden and Denmark the international education is still for free, however international students should know the local language. It does not mean that these countries lack education in English. There are plenty of programs for local and international students there; however, these programs are not free. Only in Finland you still can obtain an international education in English without paying tuition fees.

Other countries like Italy, France, Belgium and Netherlands don’t charge for international education officially; however different fees which accompany the education are so high that not everybody can afford it.
Czech Republic is still one of the most affordable countries for living and getting free international education. The only restriction is the knowledge of Czech language. However, students from Slavic countries, like Russia and Ukraine, can easily learn this language.

So, dear North American friends, learn European languages and come to Europe. After the cost of $20k to 100k per year for high education in States or Canada, these funny sums of 300-700 Euros per term for the well recognized international education seem like a joke. You can easily come to Czech Republic, where you’ll enjoy a great lifestyle, entertainment, wonderful food and free degree!

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